Let’s Talk About Affiliate Marketing Business Models

If you've been studying affiliate marketing for any length of time, you'll know that there are about 4 billion ways to do affiliate marketing. Okay, maybe not that many, but I bet it's close. 😂

An affiliate marketing business model has a ton of variables, so I could never list them all, but I'm going to cover a few of them here for you, so you can at least see some of your options. Hopefully this will better help you pick the best affiliate marketing business model for you.

First let's get started by understanding what a business model is. Dictionary.com defines it as: a design for the successful operation of a business, identifying revenue sources, customer base, products, and details of financing.

So, an affiliate marketing business model would be the way you do affiliate marketing. You'll need to look at things like: What niche are you going in? How will you build a website or whatever online presence you choose? How will you get traffic to it? How much money will you need to get it up and running?

To help you answer these questions and more, here are some example affiliate marketing business models for you to wrap your head around.

Content Sites – A content site is what the name implies. A site full of content. Generally, it's on one topic, but now with people building personal brands and lifestyle blogs, you could have several topics if you've built an audience who follows YOU.

With this business model you'll build a site, fill it with content, and that content will have your affiliate links in it. Maybe even other places on your site will have ads for products you're an affiliate for.

Usually content sites rely on SEO (search engine optimization) for traffic, but you can also use any other traffic tactic you want. Social traffic, paid traffic, etc.

Funnel Sites – There are a few ways to do this business model too. Generally though you setup a squeeze page giving away something that solves a problem in your niche. This gets people on your list. Then you use email marketing to get your affiliate links in front of those people by emailing your list.

When it comes to traffic, SEO is generally not an option here, so you're left with organic social marketing, other organic marketing methods or paid ads.

Marketplace Store – I've never been a fan of this business model myself for affiliate marketing, but a lot of affiliate marketers do very well with it.

What you'll do here is find a niche that has A LOT of products you can be an affiliate for and setup a “marketplace” for those products. All the products are clickable via your affiliate links. Like a niche Amazon site. If you do a quick Google search you will find scripts and WordPress themes/plugins that will allow you to build sites like this.

The key to being successful with this business model is to be very niche specific. I don't suggest going into a broad niche and having hundreds or thousands of products in your store.

When it comes to getting traffic, you can use ALL the traffic tactics on these kinds of sites but ranking in the search engines (SEO) proves to be your best bet. These take a lot of time to see income from because of needing that coveted SEO traffic.

Coupon Sites – We've all seen coupon sites, but did you know they are full of the owner's affiliate links? Surprise! This is another business model I would go very niche on and you'll definitely need a “catchy idea” to stand out.

You have a lot of options when it comes to building these sites and you'll also be able to find software and scripts that will create these for you. Or you could simply setup a blog and post about coupons you find, or coupon deals you work out with different companies you can be an affiliate for.

This is another “use all the traffic tactics” kind of site. SEO, organic traffic from social sites, paid ads, etc.

Review Sites – I love this affiliate marketing business model when it's done correctly. Most review sites are full of good reviews because the owners want you to buy the product so they make money. However, a review site filled with honest reviews (both good and bad) will make you more money because people will SEE that you're honest.

WordPress which is used to build all of my sites would be great to build a review site on. You can find tons of themes and plugins that will allow you to build a review site very easily.

This is another affiliate marketing business model that will rely on a lot of SEO. Throwing paid ads into the mix would be a great idea too because reviews convert readers into buyers, so your money would be well spent.

Hint: Your on a review site right now. 😘

Apps – Not a lot of people think about creating their own app and putting their affiliate links in the app, but there are many people out there making a killing with their apps and all of their income is affiliate income.

This is probably the most expensive affiliate marketing business model you could go after because of development costs, but a free app with lots of demand could put a lot of eyeballs in front of your affiliate links.

In my opinion the best way to get traffic with this option is to use paid ads. That makes this business model even more expensive, but in the long run it could really pay off for you!

Cool Ideas – Got a cool idea for something? Something that could go viral? Then why not make money with it with affiliate marketing? One of my favorite sites is called ThisIsWhyImBroke .com and they just feature products they love. It's literally just lists of cool products, and all the links are affiliate links for the owner.

It's what I call a “shot in the dark” business model, but probably the most fun of all the business models I've talked about here. And depending on what your “cool idea” is, it could make you a ton of money too.

Again, I would use paid traffic with something like this, but all the other traffic tactics I've mentioned before would work well too.

So, I've just given 7 different affiliate marketing business models to get your mind going as you start on your affiliate marketing journey. I've provided a short plan for each of them to help you get an idea of what you'd be getting into with them. There's a ton of ways to do each one, but what you need to think about is what is your affiliate marketing business model going to be.

Sit down, grab a pen and paper, and map it out. Use Google and go see what others are doing and get ideas for your own affiliate marketing business model, and then take those notes and go do it.

And here on the blog you'll be seeing me review several different affiliate marketing business model courses, so make sure you signup for updates do you don't miss a single review!

Low Content Publishing 101 Review

UPDATE: I now have a coupon for my readers. 🙂 You can get 20% off the entire course when you purchase through my link. Your 20% off will automatically show up when you go to the checkout page!

I found Low Content Publishing 101 at the perfect time! I had written a review here about a product idea for this business model and needed a good course that actually explained the entire business low content product business model. Not just one idea you could make money with using this business model.

Julie Coffman (the creator of this product… I'll tell you more about her later.) and I have talked on and off about this business model. I was about to go to Facebook to ask my followers if they knew of any good courses that taught the business model from A-Z, Julie popped in my private messages and told me about her Low Content Publishing 101 course… Before I had even asked about it on Facebook. It was like she read my mind. She set me up with access so I could learn from her, I went through the whole thing, and now here I am with the full unbiased review!

Now, right out of the gate I absolutely LOVE this product! I have been wanting to get into low content product creation for a long time, and this product gave me everything I needed to know to get started! It's truly an A-Z course on becoming a low content publisher. The ENTIRE business model is covered in this course!

Why would you want to use this business model? Because the low content product business model is quick and easy (once you know the ins and outs of it) and doesn't take a lot of money to get started. If something doesn't work, you won't be out a lot of time and money. Way less risk with this business model and that's a huge plus for newbies.

The creator's name is Julie Coffman and she is a low content product creator, who makes money with her own low content products. She completely explains what low content products are and gives lots of examples of the type of low content products (journals, workbooks, puzzle books, and so so so many more!) you can create and make money with. There are so many options with being a low content (or even NO content) product creator!

Not only does Julie give you a ton of ideas for your own low content products, but then she goes on to show you how to create them, where to sell them, your options for selling them, and even how to build an entire business full of your own low content products.

She truly covers every aspect of this business model from A-Z! You could build an entire business with what you learn, or simply just do one off products that you make money from. You've got tons of options here. I recommend you grab the product, take notes, and then create your own plan to start this business if low content product creation sounds like it's for you.


What I Go Out Of The Low Content Publishing 101 Course:

Now this product got me really excited because for the last two years I've really been thinking about starting a couple of different low content product brands. I just didn't know where to start! 😔 But Low Content Publishing 101 gave me everything I needed to know so I can start planning this business out for myself.

The biggest thing I got out of this product is how to do the research to get ideas for low content products and to see if my ideas were profitable. There's NO WAY to guarantee that ANYTHING you publish will sell, but with what was taught in this course you can be pretty sure you're on the right track.

Not only that, but with all of this research I got over 50 different potentially profitable product ideas that I could easily create and publish. Some low content and some even NO content.

I also absolutely LOVED that she even taught how to take your ideas and go start creating your low content products and publishing them so you can start making money.

And for those of you who like shortcuts… She even covers where to get ready to go content for your low content products and everything you need to know about buying the correct licenses for the ready to go content. This is a HUGE shortcut. Just use stuff others have already created, and you could have your own products VERY quickly!


Proof That The Low Content Publishing 101 Course Works:

If you head over to Amazon, Etsy and other marketplaces and start searching for low content products, you're going to find thousands upon thousands of people making money with this business model, so there's HUGE proof that the business model works.

For even further proof I went to Julie and asked to see some things that she's selling. Most people NEVER EVER will share their creations with you, but since Julie and I are friends, she shared a few things with me. So, I got proof straight from the product creator that what she's teaching actually works.

Low content publishing is kind of like Fight Club. Rule #1 in Fight Club is we don't talk about Fight Club. Rule #1 in low content publishing is we don't talk about our own products, so it was huge that Julie shared these with me. Thanks, Julie! 😉


What I Didn't Like In The Low Content Publishing 101 Course:

In my reviews I always like to include what I didn't like in a product, and I'm having trouble coming up with what I didn't like in this product.

I mean the PDF gives all the how to information, and since I prefer to read I LOVED that it was all laid out in the PDF. But then the videos SHOW you how to do everything the PDF teaches.

I literally can't find anything I don't like about this product. She covered everything in a very thorough, but no fluff way and the quality of everything is absolutely amazing!


Who Is The Low Content Publishing 101 Course For?

Low Content Publishing 101 is for those of you who are curious about and/or want to start your own low content product business.

It's also for those of you looking to add an additional income to an already established business. Imagine having easy to create products that you can add to your established business? Nice easy little income streams!

It's by no means a get rich quick business model (and I don't think those even exist), but I'm super excited to take what I've learned and start new brands from scratch and have several low content products to sell from those brands and even add some low content products to my already existing businesses!


What You Actually Get In The Low Content Publishing 101 Course:

After you purchase the Low Content Publishing 101 course you'll be able to login to the classroom area and download the 87 page Main Guide PDF that has everything you need to know inside of it. Inside there you'll also access 7 additional video lessons that SHOW you what the PDF tells you to do.

I LOVE when people teach like this. Give you all the information you need in one easy to digest PDF and then back it up with videos lessons to SHOW you when you need additional help.

With your purchase you also get access to the Julie's Facebook Group where you can get help, learn more from Julie, and interact with other low content publishers.

I highly recommend reading the PDF, taking notes, and then going through the videos that actually SHOW you what to do.


Who Created The Low Content Publishing 101 Course?

Julie Coffman is the creator of this course and she's been publishing low content books since 2018, but she's been working for herself since 2010. She does a lot in the low content publishing space and the Internet marketing space. So, not only can she tell you how to be a low content product creator, but she can also teach you how to market your business online too.

Besides all of that, she's a genuinely nice, helpful, down to earth gal, and I'm extremely glad our paths crossed. It's been great getting to know her both in business and personally. If you're looking for a GOOD person to learn from who knows her stuff, Julie is your gal!


Proof Of My Low Content Publishing 101 Course Purchase:

I didn't buy this course because Julie gave me access to it as a friend and to review it.


The Low Content Publishing 101 Course Review Wrap Up:

It took me a couple of days to go through the entire Low Content Publishing 101 course. I took my time, took notes, and had to go back over a few areas a couple of times to solidify what I had learned. I also watched every single video TWICE because I wanted to make sure I was totally understanding how to do EVERYTHING.

TIP: This is how YOU should go through ANY course you buy! This is how you learn and plan.

I can 100% say that after going through this course that I now know how to create low content and no content products, I know where to publish them and start selling them, I know how to start a brand selling these products, and I know how to use them to create products for my existing businesses. I have a complete plan, and I look forward to getting started with this business model.

If the low content product business model sounds like something you might want to do I can't recommend the Low Content Publishing 101 course enough. It truly covers everything you need to know and do!

You can get access to the entire Low Content Publishing 101 course right now at https://www.OnlineBizTruths.com/LowContentPublishing101

UPDATE: I now have a coupon for my readers. 🙂 You can get 20% off the entire course when you purchase through my link. Your 20% off will automatically show up when you go to the checkout page!

One Page Bucket List Profits Review

A few weeks ago I picked up the One Page Bucket List course from Paul J Coleman. I don't think I've ever bought anything from him before and after looking him up on Facebook and discovering we weren't friends, so I don't think I even know him. That never stops me from buying a product from someone though, so I spent the money and grabbed it.

I was a bit “put off” by the sales page. I don't know if he just writes for his list or what, but this isn't your typical sales page. I mean a sales page's job is to make you buy and just because this doesn't look like a “usual” sales page doesn't mean that it's not a good product. Many times, someone is great at teaching something, but horrible at the marketing part of it. Not saying this person is horrible at anything, just trying to give you a lesson here as a buyer. 😉

So, what's the business model behind this product? It's all about creating and selling low content digital and physical products. Examples of low content products are journals, lists, planners, coloring books, puzzle books, log books, and about 1 million other things. Creating and selling these is attractive because it doesn't take a lot of content to create them

The product teaches a simple idea for something that you can create and sell to others. I do like the idea. A LOT!

It's all about creating a bucket list product for people to use to check off their bucket list items, and there are a ton of bucket list ideas out there for you to create these kinds of products around. This is a VERY profitable idea, and could be the start of a very profitable low content product business which is something I've been wanting to start for a very long time. 🙂

And, he gives you different options for creating these bucket lists. You can do them as physical product and/or digital products. And even resources where you can get physical bucket list products created and get your digital bucket list products created.

And beyond creating these one-page bucket lists products he gives you a ton of other niches and ideas that you can create one page products/digital downloads for, and how to use a well known site to generate a never ending supply of profitable ideas.


Proof That One Page Bucket List Profits Works:

I have NOT done this for myself, so I cannot say I have personally made money with it. But after researching I found several people making money with both digital and physical bucket list products in so many different niches. There are so many low content products you could create from this ONE money making idea.


What I Didn't Like About One Page Bucket List Profits:

Not a lot of showing HOW TO do this. It's a low cost instructional REPORT, so I didn't expect to be shown. It just gives you the no fluff overview of what the money-making idea is along with additional ideas you can use, but actually DOING it you're left to do on your own.

You need to come up with your idea, decide if you're going to go digital or physical with it (yes you can do both), and then you need to either figure out how to create it yourself or where to get it created. Although he did give resources where you can get your idea created or create it yourself, so that was a HUGE plus.

There wasn't much I didn't like about this product. It's a well created product, the idea is well explained, and there are a ton of resources and additional ideas in it.


Who Is One Page Bucket List Profits For?

So, who is this product for? This is more geared towards you creative types. Now this isn't a total business model. This is just a money making idea (actually several ideas) for an entire business model and that business model is the low content product creator business as I said above. So, if you're brand new to this you might want to learn the low content business model first. Here is a review I did for Low Content 101.

BUT… This is even something a low content product creator newbie could put to use and start making money with.


What You Actually Get When You Purchase One Page Bucket List Profits:

The product is a PDF download totaling 21 page. It's a quick and easy read with resources for everything he talks about for this money making idea.


Who Created One Page Bucket List Profits:

The product creator is Paul J Coleman. As I said earlier, I don't think I know him. I've been in business for a long time and have met thousands of thousands up people and I'm getting old *lol* so maybe I have, but I did a little research on him and found he's got at least 10 other products (with hundreds and hundreds of sales) he's created and most are for the low content product creator business model, so he obviously knows a thing or two about this business model.

I didn't find much by searching him out on Google, but sometimes that's a good thing, right?


Proof Of My One Page Bucket List Profits Purchase:

Sometimes when I do reviews I just buy the product and review it. Sometimes product creators come to me and ask me to do a review. This one I actually bough because as I said I do want to start a low content product business.

Here's my proof of purchase…


One Page Bucket List Profits Review Wrap Up:

After going through this product, I find the idea in it to be a good and profitable idea. If you want to quickly and easily create low content products (either digital or physical ones) this is a great resource to have! I've added it to my “low content product ideas” folder on my hard drive so when I start with this business model this WILL be one of the ideas I use. I recommend the One Page Bucket List Profits course!

You can get it at https://www.OnlineBizTruths.com/OnePageBucketListProfits